Workshops 工作坊

WORKSHOP 1 : 山海塾舞踏精要 The Essence of Butoh of Sankaijuku

Photography by: Kosuke MORI

栩秋太洋 Taiyo Tochiaki – Photography by: Kosuke MORI

How to catch the untouchable, move the invisible and make our body ambiguous to other bodies? Although Hong Kong has been privileged to be able to invite a number of Japanese butoh teachers in the past couple of years such as Yukio Waguri or Katsuran Kan, they have mainly hailed from the Hijikata lineage. In contrast, Taiyo Tochiak is a butoh dancer from the Kazuo Ohno tradition, and was formerly one of the principal dancers of the internationally renowned butoh company Sankaijuku.

日期 Dates: 13-14/09/2014 ( 共6小時)
時間 Time: 7-10pm
地點 Venue:
13日@ Film Cultural Center 香港電影文化中心 (香港九龍土瓜灣馬頭角道40號東南工廠大廈11樓A3室)
14日@ Y-space (葵豐街33-39號華豐工業中心第一座3字樓B室)
費用 Fee : $500


WORKSHOP 2: 工作坊二: 妄人文明: 舞踏與延展
Wangnin Bunmei Company: Butoh & Beyond

Wangnin Bunmei

主持:石本華江 Kae Ishimoto、善哉和也 Kazuya Zenzai
Kae Ishimoto and Kazyuza Zenzai are the core members of Wangnin Bunmei, a performance group from Japan that combines butoh, contemporary dance and music.

In this performance workshop, they are particularly intrigued to explore the connection between musician and dancer. How can we intergrate music and dance? How do we balance the relationship between musician and dancers on stage? How can we connect to the space? What makes us “be” there?

Drawing on Kazuya’s experience as a vocalist and Kae’s training as a butoh dancer (she is a 6th generation butoh dancer of the Hijikata lineage), the workshop will explore how music and dance can connect on many levels using voice, movement, breath and energy.

石本華江與善哉和也都是日本妄人文明舞團的主要負責人。妄人文明舞團精於舞踏(石本華江是港人熟識的Yukio Waguri 的高徒)卻不拘泥於一家,舞團將舞踏融會其他舞蹈詞彙,廣受歡迎,獲邀到亞洲,歐洲和美洲13國演出。


*工作坊參加者有機會獲邀參與「第二個巴別塔: 舞踏城寨」的演出
* Participants may have the opportunity to be invited to take part in the “Second Tower of Babel” Performances

日期 Dates: 5 – 7 / 9 / 2014 (共18小時)
時間 Time: 2 – 9pm (1小時 晚餐休息)
@Film Cultural Center 香港電影文化中心
費用 Fee: $1,500

同時參加兩個工作坊優惠費用 Two Workshops Fee: $1,750
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13 / 9 / 2014  (六 Sat) 1 – 4pm
Venue: Hong Kong Film Cultural Centre

第一場: 九龍城寨紀錄片 Part 1: Documentary Film about Kowloon Walled City
Discussants: 張偉雄 Chang Wai Hung / 石本華江 Kae Ishimoto

第二場: 舞踏紀錄片 Part 2: *Butoh Documentaries: Tatsumi Hijikata’s Butoh
(1) The Rebellion of Body
(2) The Story of Small Pox
(3) The Tohoku Kabuki Plan
Panel: 梵谷 Ng Wai Shek / 石本華江及日本藝術家 Kae Ishimoto and other Japanese artists / 梁偉傑 Grad Leung / 周可凡 Hofan Chau / 梁嘉能 David Leung
(*With Collaboration of Hijikata Tatsumi Archive and Keio University Art Center)


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