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The Second Tower of Babel: Butoh in the Kowloon Walled City

Why is the Walled City so compelling? Is there something about the spirit of the Walled City that we feel is missing in our more “civilized”, sanitized version of Hong Kong or Tokyo? What lessons can we learn from our history and mythology?

我們最感興趣的是:為何九龍城寨擁有如此吸引力? 在更「文明」且清潔衛生的香港或東京,某種城寨的精神是否已經遺失?回歸自己的歷史和神話,我們可以學習到什麼?我們期望可以喚起公眾對過去歷史的關注和對話,創作舞蹈作品來超越歷史重述中的九龍城寨,亦注入我們自身對於自主生存和統轄治理的自我意願和勇氣。

Through the process of research and imagination, the group hopes to create a dance performance that goes beyond a historical recreation into our own Walled City to make a dance piece that taps into our own yearnings and courage to be responsible for our own survival and governance.

Thu 18.09- Sun 21.09. 2014 (3pm, 8pm shows)

Hong Kong Film Culture Centre, Flat A3, 11/F, Tung Nam Factory Bldg, 40 Ma Tau Kok Road, To Kwa Wan, Kowloon.


photo by: 張志偉

photo by: 張志偉

舞者 Dancers
梁偉傑 Grad Leung
梁嘉能 David Leung
周可凡 Hofan Chau
栩秋太洋 Taiyo Tochiaki
石本華江 Kae Ishimoto(妄人文明 Wangnin Bunmei)
Alistair Yee, Janice Im, Kiwi Chan, Frieda Luk, Cecilia Wong, Jade Li, Ioku Ero Nikaido, Marloes van Houten, Wong Yuk Tak, Mayson Fung

音響設計及音樂 Sound & Music
(from 妄人文明 Wangnin Bunmei)
善哉和也 Kazuya Zenzai
柏佐織里 Saori Kashiwa
岩崎洋平 Yohei Iwasaki
土生裕 Hiroshi Habu

戲劇顧問 Dramaturg
譱戝大輔 Daisuke Zenzai (妄人文明)

舞台設計 Set Design
丸仔 yuenjie MARU

舞台監督 Stage Management
丁美森 Ting Mei Sum

燈光設計 Lighting Design
歐陽翰奇 Au Yeung Hon Kai *
(承蒙香港演藝學院批准參與製作 With the permission of APA)

查詢及訂票電話 Ticketing Enquiries: 2891 8482 / 2891 8488


主辦 Presenter: 亞洲民眾戲劇節協會 Asian People’s Theatre Festival Society, 第三屆 Butoh Butoh Festival
贊助 Supported by: 香港藝術發展局 Hong Kong Arts Development Council
協辦 Co-organizer: 社區文化發展中心 Centre for Community Cultural Development, 香港電影文化中心 Hong Kong Film Cultural Centre
網絡伙伴 Online Partner:

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